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Life is a gift, let's enjoy it

Fascinated by the senses that shape our moods

Inspired by life, fascinated by the senses that shape our moods. Smell, vision and touch define the core of this exclusive fragranced candle concept by ‘Erkens the mood makers’. If you are looking to make a memorable statement within your collection, then look no further.

The brand

We are proud of our Dutch roots, and we’ve carefully integrated our pride into the designs and quality of our products. Featuring the majestic lion as a key element in our brand, which shows strength through craftsmanship, design and quality, but with a friendly smile: life is too short to not enjoy a good laugh now and again. The lion organically grew out of handwritten letters, and you will recognize him as the creative signature of our brand. Orange, the Dutch national color, is a given. To us it symbolizes life, the challenge to use each day’s inspiration to the fullest.

Our commitment

We believe in partnership where commitment is key. We believe in you as our business partner, and you can expect the following from us:

  • Proactive sales team that is a ready source of information and advice
  • Small follow-up orders are possible
  • Stunning yet practical point of sale fragrance test display
  • Active research & development division that develops new products. Moreover, your opinion is valued
  • Advertising support. We provide advice and, upon request, develop tailor-made Point of Sale materials. These are provided to you in digital format
  • We elect to work with business partners who embody exclusivity and quality, and who are truly passionate about the collection they promote and sell. Who are dedicated to excellent customer service, and who, last but not least, believe in the power of partnership.

Erkens the mood makers decline to engage in direct e-commerce activities.

The glass bowls

unique objects

Each of the mouth-blown bowls is unique. They are created through a fascinating process where quartz (derived from sand), soda and fire are combined with passionate craftsmanship.
The glass is exceptionally clear and its weight impressive; you can feel this in the solid wall.
The 3 basic shapes, designed with careful attention to detail, are easily combined with a stylish interior. Whichever of the ‘My Favourites’ you select, you will have a beautiful object in your home.

We give life colour

A stunning pallet

Fourteen intense colours form the basis of the three collections by Erkens the mood makers.
A stunning pallet from which you simply select the colour that best suits you.
From trendy ochre to intense black. From a timeless off-white to a deep purple version that offers a superb colour accent. Whichever colour suits you, with a ‘My Favourite’ fragrance candle by Erkens the mood makers you invite a bespoke ambiance into your home.

Inspired by Mother Nature

Delicate & layered

We have combined the most delicate of fragrances to unfold into incredibly intense compositions that fascinate you time and time again. When you light your unique fragranced candle, the various distinct fragrance notes are gently released. The layered and inspirational fragrance notes will be relaxing, inspiring or even revitalizing. We like to call it the wondrous world of Mother Nature.

The wax blend

Hand poured

Each ‘My Favourite’ object is carefully cast by hand in several phases to ensure a consistent mass. The wax blend is based on natural raw materials, and together with the 100% cotton wicks an optimal and playful flame is ensured. The ultimate mood maker, at any time of the day.