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Pure craftmanship

Mouth-blown bowls

We use the exact same method that was used centuries ago. During the production process the temperature of the glass reaches up to 1130 °C.
The bowls are manually facet cut, which gives them a beautiful, thick edge.

Delicate perfumes

Our fragrances are always layered and refined. They are inspired by Mother Nature, but created and composed exclusively by Erkens the mood makers.

Our wax blend

The wax blend is selected with the utmost care. The wicks are made of
Egyptian cotton to achieve a perfect flame, are pre-dipped twice,
and placed by hand. Before pouring the wax blend, the bowls are preheated
au bain marie. They rest for a minimum of twelve days after pouring,
in order to optimize the solidification process.

Luxury Gift Box

  • My favourite 11
  • My favourite 20
  • My favourite 26

Each and every candle comes in a stunning case and is therefore the perfect gift. An Erkens the mood makers candle will always be a joy and pleasure to receive, because craftsmanship will always be appreciated.

The facts

3 collections / 3 models - 14 colours/fragrances - 42 options

  • 100% made by hand
  • Unique mouth-blown glass bowls
  • Bowl base and sides are of a beautiful and impressive quality
  • Woven labels
  • 14 commercially strong colours
  • Natural wax blend
  • Hand-cast candle
  • Egyptian cotton wicks pre-dipped twice
  • 14 delicate layered fragrances
  • Burn time for each model, respectively:
    ‘My Favourite 11’ 95 hours   ‘My Favourite 20’ 275 hours   ‘My Favourite 26’ 430 hours
  • Includes luxury gift box, brochure & anti-dust layer